EWP Manufacturer Partners

OSWA members include manufacturers, distributors and designers of engineered wood products (EWP).

Engineered wood productWhat are engineered wood products? EWP are a group of products which started with plywood back in the 1950’s and saw the evolution of OSB (oriented strand board) a couple decades later. These days the list of products continues to expand and includes, but not limited to:

  • I-joist for floor and roof systems
  • LVL – laminated veneer lumber
  • LSL – laminated strand lumber
  • PSL – parallel strand lumber
  • Glulam – glue laminated timber
  • CLT – cross laminated timber

The reason why EWP makes sense is that it addresses some design requirements for today’s structures :

  • Consistent, predictable and published design values
  • Products are shipped from the factory dry and dimensionally stable

More often than not a given wood structure will include roof trusses, wall panels and EWP for floor systems. Other combinations utilizing glulam and CLT allows designers a wide palette to draw from.