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Mike Phillips
Executive Director
(416) 235-0194 - Office
(416) 239-4524 - Fax

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Board of Directors

Alex Barrett
United Edge Structural Components LP
Tel: (519) 856-4664‬
Website: www.uesc.ca
Email: abarrett@uesc.ca

Rob Ouwehand
Turkstra Trusses
Tel: (905) 957-3319
Website: https://turkstralumber.com
Email: rouwehand@turkstratrusses.ca

Ed DeBiasio
United Truss
Tel: (705) 726-8132
Website: https://unitedlumber.ca/truss-plant
Email: edebiasio@unitedlumber.ca

Doris O'Connor
Alpa Roof Trusses Inc.
Tel: (905) 832-2250
Website: www.alpart.com
Email: doris@alpart.com

Justin Taylor
Weston Forest Products
Tel: (905) 677-9663
Website: www.westonforest.com
Email: jtaylor@westonforest.com

Steven Street
Wood WORKS! Ontario
Tel: 1-866-886-3574
Website: www.wood-works.ca/ontario/
Email: sstreet@wood-works.ca

Rick Ward
Mitek Canada Inc.
Tel: (800) 268-3434
Website: www.mitek.ca
Email: rward@mitek.ca

Ernst Grell
Weyerhaeuser / Trus Joist
Tel: (647) 529-3767
Website: http://weyerhaeuser.com/woodproducts/
Email: ernst.grell@weyerhaeuser.com

Kevin Schreier
Simpson Strong-Tie Canada Ltd.
Tel: (905) 458-5538
Website: www.strongtie.com
Email: kschreier@strongtie.com

Alex Wimbush
Taiga Building Products
Tel: (905) 858-1300
Website: www.taigabuilding.com
Email: awimbush@taigabuilding.com

Brent Bunting
Simpson Strong-Tie Canada Ltd.
Tel: (905) 458-5538
Fax: (905) 458-7274
Website: www.strongtie.com
Email: bbunting@strongtie.com

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